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When people talk about acne scars they are usually referring to acne marks or hyper-pigmentation marks left by acne lesions. Real acne scars are actually skin protrusions of different types. They are usually the result of picking at your pimples, or lesions left by very severe forms of acne.

While acne scars are actually harder to heal and there are different medical procedures that attempt to get rid of them, acne marks usually fade on their own. Acne scars can fade on their own too, or at least they can partially fill up with collagen if they are not very severe.

Acne marks can sometimes take a very long time to heal, especially if the skin was broken. Dark marks take much longer to heal than red marks. Fortunately, there are several effective home remedies that can help you fade the marks faster.

The first rule is to never try to get rid of acne marks if you still have active acne. The remedies and medications that help you get rid of marks can irritate the skin. For a person with active acne, irritating the skin is not a good idea. In addition, it can be very frustrating to try to get rid of marks while getting new pimples. There are however some home remedies which can be used to get rid of acne and marks at the same time. Of course, these are natural home remedies for acne.


Home remedies for acne scars - Egg white mask for acne scarsEgg white mask is one of the best acne marks home remedy. Egg whites contain approximately 86% of the necessary nutrients that our body requires. It contains a lot of B vitamins, vitamin A and E, which are essential for beautiful skin.  The best part about the egg white mask is that it is highly anti-inflammatory, which means that it can fade acne marks very fast. Also, it prevents new acne from forming, so it is recommended for those with active acne too.
Take one egg and separate the egg white from the yolk. Mix the egg white with a little lemon juice if you want faster results. If you have sensitive skin, don’t use any lemon juice. Apply the froth to your skin and leave it on for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Egg whites also contain natural collagen so it helps prevent scarring and wrinkles.


Home remedies for acne scars - Lemon juiceLemon juice can be used at home to lighten up acne marks and reduce active acne. It is a very simple remedy that works very well due to its high vitamin C content. Lemon juice also contains natural AHAs and BHAs which can fade acne marks. People with sensitive skin should use one part lemon juice and one part water. The skin gets used to it after 2-3 applications though, and ceases to sting. People with dark skin tones should avoid lemon juice because it can create an uneven skin tone and can darken existing marks.



Home remedies for acne scars - CucumberCucumber juice can also help get rid of acne marks quickly. This juice has anti-inflammatory properties which make it ideal for fading scars. You should use an unpeeled cucumber since it contains more beneficial nutrients. Use a juice maker or a blender to make the cucumber liquid. Apply it to your problem areas and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse with lukewarm water and let the skin dry on its own.



Home remedies for acne scars - Aloe Vera GelAloe vera gel can also be very helpful in reducing acne marks. The Aloe vera plant also has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the reddish spots and marks. You should use the fresh gel from an Aloe plant by cutting a leaf and extracting the gel. Use it once a day, preferably after you have cleaned your face of impurities.  You can also use Aloe vera gel from the health stores, but it is usually pasteurized and doesn’t have the same properties as the fresh one.



There are many ways to reduce acne marks, such as facial massage, exfoliation etc. However, getting rid of any active acne should be your first priority. Once the acne is reduced to a minimum, it is worth trying to reduce the severity of any marks and scars with the above home remedies.



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