Acne or Pimples? – How to Tell the Difference



You may want to know if you have acne or just a few pimples that breakout once in a while. While the causes of acne formation are still quite a mystery even for doctors, we can at least learn how to get rid of acne and annoying pimples.

Acne or pimples - How pimples form

Acne or pimples? Acne basically forms when the hair follicle doesn’t deliver the sebum to the surface of the skin. Thus, inflammation occurs and a pimple is formed. Acne is basically an inflammatory process that goes on and on. Your skin doesn’t even heal properly and you already get other pimples, cysts, nodules, and so on.

So in order to be diagnosed with acne by a dermatologist, it means that you will get constant breakouts no matter how severe they may be. When you only get an occasional pimple at random intervals, it means that you don’t have an acne condition.

Acne or pimples - Pimple

The occasional pimple does not mean you have an acne condition.

The problem is that many people can suffer from a light acne condition, but they just let it run its course. Getting small pimples may not be very disturbing, but letting your acne develop is not a good idea.

If you never used to get pimples, but you suddenly start to experience breakouts on a monthly or weekly basis, it’s time to take measures. An acne condition can hide other health issues that might need to be addressed. Also, untreated mild acne can develop into moderate or even severe acne in no time. That doesn’t mean that you should buy the first acne treatment you find and apply it to your face.

Acne or pimples - Acne

If you break out constantly, you may be suffering from an acne condition.


How to get rid of acne and pimples?

First of all, it is very necessary to identify some of the factors that might be causing the breakouts. Acne usually means that something is not quite right inside your body. Although there are many skeptics that believe acne is only localized at skin level, the truth is that this is a very complex process.

Acne or pimples - Functions of the skin





The functions performed by your skin include:

  • protection from the elements and outside factors
  • insulates and regulates our bodily temperature
  • produces vitamin D
  • control hydration inside the body
  • control evaporation of bodily liquids
  • place of storage for water and lipids
  • absorbs air (respiratory function)
  • sensation
  • excretes urea, excess minerals, and toxins

As you can see, the skin has very complex functions to perform. In Chinese medicine it is stated that each skin area is connected to a certain organ. The health of your facial skin is actually very related to your digestive tract, especially the colon.

Eating healthy foods is important, but promoting a good digestive function can be much more important. If you don’t properly digest your food, the toxins and residues burden the liver and kidneys, and the colon dumps the toxins back into the blood stream. So a few things should be considered when trying to get rid of acne:

  • Healthy stomach – make sure to heal your stomach if you feel that your food is not properly digested. Taking enzymes can sometimes make a big difference for your skin, as many acne sufferers notice.
  • Eliminate constipation – you need to have a daily stool in order to get rid of acne. Try taking fish oil, eating prunes, or other methods that can offer constipation relief.
  • Liver and kidney cleanse – do one of each at least once a year, especially if you tend to eat many processed foods or junk food.


Acne or Pimples - Balance your hormonesHormones are also very important when dealing with acne. Women tend to get acne breakouts around their ovulation and menstruation, which means that some hormones are higher or lower than normal. Balancing hormones can be tough, but it should also start with diet. Eating many processed foods that contain synthetic hormones can really disturb the hormone balance inside the body. Other disturbing factors can be: birth control pills, stress, pollution, chemicals etc.

You may not be able to control all of these factors, but there are measures that you can take to balance out your hormones.

Practice relaxation methods or a light form of exercise. Tai chi, Chi qong, Pilates, Yoga – can be amazing for your well-being, and also for your skin. All these forms of exercise can help you reduce your stress hormones which have been related to acne.

Getting rid of pimples can also be done by applying harsh topicals. However, the underlying cause needs to be addressed before you can finally get rid of any breakouts.



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