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How to Get Rid of Acne NaturallyAcne is a skin condition that affects people of all ages. There are many medications and topical treatments that promise to get rid of acne very fast. However, most of them are only a short term solution to blemishes. Many people that have tried all possible acne medications, including the famous Accutane, are still battling acne on a daily basis. In this case, it may be time to look for alternative natural remedies for acne, such as home remedies, natural oils and supplements that can get rid of acne naturally.

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How To Get Rid of Acne Naturally?




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Natural remedies can be very beneficial for getting rid of acne, especially when taken internally. Also, there are many remedies that can help reduce inflammation and heal acne lesions faster. Since acne is usually caused by an imbalance inside the organism, a permanent solution for acne is to identify the main cause and to treat it accordingly. Hormonal imbalances, a diet poor in nutrients, and using harsh cosmetic products, are among the most common triggers of acne.

Herbs, infusions, teas and plant remedies in general can help balance the hormones, eliminate toxins, heal the intestines, and boost immunity. Once these four aspects of well-being are covered, acne will disappear on its own.


Here are 4 crucial steps to get rid of acne naturally and effectively:

How to get rid of acne naturally - Balance your hormones

Hormonal problems are becoming more and more frequent due to the large amount of foreign hormones in our food and environment. Dairy products, meat, and even many plants are contaminated with artificial growth and sexual hormones. This means that people who are more sensitive to some of these hormones can develop an acne condition.

The solution to getting rid of acne in this case is to cut out most products that are known to be contaminated, and to stick to eating fresh whole natural foods. Also, buying organic produce and meats whenever possible is of great help.

In addition to a healthy diet, hormones can also be balanced by consuming certain herbal remedies.
For female hormones, Primrose oil supplements and Vitex fruit supplements are extremely beneficial. For male hormones, some men have had great results while using Saw Palmetto.

Hormones can also be balanced by following our natural circadian rhythm (or our body’s biological clock). If our body’s clock is out of balance, this can lead to a disturbed hormonal, mental, and emotional balance. Sleeping during the night is especially important for our cardiovascular health and for the liver and pancreas. When some of the organs don’t function at their best, conditions such as acne can be triggered.


Natural remedies for acne - Eliminate toxinsToxins can overwhelm our system and lead to low immune function and poor functioning of some organs. Although our liver is quite capable of handling toxins that are commonly found in our food, nowadays it is very easy to eat an unhealthy diet that is just too much for our organs to handle.

Fried food, fast food, refined sugar and flour, excessive phytates and gluten from grains, can all lead to a buildup of toxins and residues in the intestines, and also in our blood stream. Acne can definitely be caused by an excess of toxins that are eliminated through the skin. Our skin also has an excretory function that is responsible for eliminating these excess toxins.

A natural remedy for acne in this case is to do a detox at least once a year. A detox can be a liver or a colon cleanse for up to 3-4 days, or it can be done by drinking purifying teas. Nettle is the best blood purifier. You can drink 1-2 liters per day of nettle infusion without any side-effects. Nettle tea also cleanses the kidneys and liver.



How to get rid of acne naturally - Heal your intestines

Many people have managed to get rid of acne naturally and completely by healing their gut. Our intestines are deeply connected to our skin, especially our facial skin which is like a map of our body. In Chinese medicine, an imbalance of the small or large intestines is linked to acne and other skin disorders.

Most of the intestinal problems of modern man come from antibiotics abuse. Too much antibiotics not only lead to bacterial resistance, but also to the elimination of friendly bacteria in our gut. These friendly bacteria are linked to our immune function and to a healthy digestion.

One useful remedy for an unhealthy gut and getting rid of acne naturally is to supplement with probiotics, as well as eating the right foods. Probiotics should be taken for a period of at least a month if you have taken lots of antibiotics during your lifetime. Also, there are many foods and herbs that can improve digestion, such as fenugreek, fennel, mint, or ginger.


Natural remedies for acne - Boost immunity

Our immune function is of course related to the normal and healthy functioning of the entire organism. In case you have low immunity, an acne condition can be triggered by bacterial overgrowth. Also, inflammation can be more severe when our immunity is low.
There are many plants that can boost immunity, such as echinacea, citric fruits, and green leaves in general. On the other hand, our immune function is deeply linked to our emotional and mental health. Stress can lower immunity very much, leading to a number of health issues, including acne.

So, getting rid of acne naturally requires a balanced diet, reducing stress, improved immune function, and adding certain natural and home remedies that can improve overall health. Lifestyle changes are usually necessary for those that suffer from severe or moderate acne, in order to get rid of acne permanently.


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